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The word Flux is best described as 'the action or process of flowing or flowing out' which is what we want to express when putting our mark on a hill. 

Flux trail is co owned by Remy Morton, Jacob O'Donoghue Price & Dave McMillan. They decided they were sick of riding the same generic trails day in & day out and have a vision to create trails and courses that cater for a wider audience that want to push the limits on their bike.

Our team consist's of 6 mates that all reside in Queenstown, New Zealand. Everyone on the team brings their own flare and creativity to the table. All with varying skill levels from your weekend warriors, Semi Pro's to fully Professional athletes at the top of their game. we all understand the fundamentals of a good trail and most importantly a trail we would ride ourselves.

our team
Remy Morton

Remy has been at the forefront of bike riding & trail building for many years. With plenty of experience and a different perspective on trail design he can bring any idea to life.

Jacob O'donoghue Price

Jacob is our chief operator and has skills beyond his years, creating wild shapes on & off the bike. He has a can do attitude that keeps the boys stoked.

David Mcmillan

Daves a man that needs no introduction, he is arguably one of the most talented riders in the world and has brung that knowledge to his trail building, Dave has vandalized berms around the whole world and is well aware of how to shape features to maximum durability and functionality for riders at any level.

Matt Begg

Matt has an eye for the perfectly shaped feature. Be it a berm, lip or roller he will get it dialled, and then flat spin it.

Ashton Oliver

Ashton is a silent assassin, you would struggle to find a better rock wall than his. podcast on and head down he gets it done.

Tom Booker

Tom is our hard charging hand build machine & resident media man with bike skills to boot. 

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